Note: Voice dictation in Google Docs now actually exists! Take a look at the update here.

Voice Controls for Google Docs have been a work in progress for quite some time now. They’ve finally been released for Google Apps customers, and it’s much more impressive than I expected. Check out today’s video to learn more!

If you’re like me, you probably get sick of typing on the computer all day. I mean sometimes I would just rather talk to my computer than tap on the keyboard. That’s where voice controls come in. And it’s accessible with a simple keyboard shortcut!

Voice Controls for Google Docs uses the same voice recognition software found in the Google Search bar to pick up words to near perfection. Use it to dictate a paper, perform a simple command, or even write a Spreadsheet function. The possibilities are endless!


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  1. Bob B

    Argh, almost as cruel an April Fool’s joke as replacing your grandmother’s Internet Explorer desktop shortcut with a command to shut down her computer! (Heads up, by the way; she won’t laugh when you let her in on the joke.)

  2. Mark

    Is that Control-Alt-B or Control-Alt-V? Am I missing an extensiln or plug-in? Maybe I have to use a ChromeBook instead of this Windows 98 box…

    I can’t make it work!

    =^) Happy AFD!!!!

    1. Google Gooru


      Are you pressing them all at the same time? Sometimes people get confused and press them in sequence, rather than all at once.

      1. Rob

        This doesn’t appear to work on a Mac using chrome – I’m pressing them all at once and it flips up the ‘view’ menu within the google document.

        Can you help?

  3. Gil

    Someday, my evil twin will show up at your house with a winning sweepstakes prize of an ugly Ford Pinto that will transform into concrete in your driveway… perhaps Google should work on this to move it out of Joke Testing to Alpha?

  4. Cosine

    You can see that the speech bar isn’t going up and down when it comes up :D. It’s obviously a sound over different video.

    Great creation of an April Fools Joke!

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