Google Forms have a number of use cases in the classroom. From polls to surveys, teachers can ask their students to fill out a Google Form to easily record information.

Teachers can also use a Google Form as their own personal grading rubric to speed up the process of grading dozens of essays, papers or assignments. All you need to do is transfer your grading rubric to a Google Form and break it down to whatever scale you may use.

It’s also important to include enough information so you can tie a form to a specific student and their section / class. You can also use basic spreadsheet functions to automatically add up a student’s score to easily give them feedback.


Kevin has taught technology for over ten years and is passionate about sharing and learning with other educators. He is also a Google Certified Teacher and one of the first few to be accepted as a Google Certified Trainer. He delivers hands-on, patient, and relevant training in the entire Google Apps for Education suite, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, Groups, and Moderator.