Here is a TXT file containing the code for the Apps Script used in the video – view TXT file

With this script, you can finally select a group of column of cells and split them according to a certain character (e.g. comma, space, @ sign, etc.), just like you can do in Excel with the “Text to Columns” function.

This should be in the Apps Script Gallery soon, but in the meantime you can just create your own using the TXT file above.

Time to see how many days I can go without opening Excel!


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  2. Tammy

    Thanks for this great tip!! How do I make this script available for any of my open spreadsheet files? It seems to only be available for the one spreadsheet where I created it.

  3. Mike McKenna

    Great video. Thanks for posting. Quick question: where does the script reside? I don’t see it in my Google Drive.

  4. kathy

    this is the best. Took me 5 minutes to setup and now I have a one-button solution to a task I do all the time.

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  6. kojak edwards

    What a disappointment. When I clicked on the .txt file, it was empty. When I looked up Google Script Apps, it was nowhere to be found.

    The only winner in all of this is Google Gooru. They get to sell my email address. I guess I can expect a boatload of spam/advertising.


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