Note: This functionality has been deprecated by Google.

The Google Calendar text message notifications for events is an awesome feature. While e-mail reminders are useful, there’s nothing like a text message reminder to assure that you don’t miss that important meeting. I think this will be extremely useful not just for Google Apps for Business users, but for anyone that uses Google Calendars. I’d strongly recommend that you check out this video to if you’d like to get text reminders for your Google Calendars.



1. Open up your Google Calendars

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Mobile Setup

4. Type in your phone number

5. You will receive a text message with a verification code. Type in the verification code in the appropriate box

6. You will then be led to a page where you can set the default settings for your Google Calendar Events. That means, every time you set up a Google Calendar Event, these notifications will automatically apply. You can customize them here, or you can customize them for a specific email. For example, you can set the default settings so that you get an email alert 30 minutes before the event and an SMS alert 10 minutes before the event.


By utilizing this function, Google Calendars fully integrates SMS with your Google Calendars. You can create all sorts of different settings to make sure that you receive text messages for certain events, or event changes. I think this can be very helpful for anyone that uses Google Calendars.

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  1. Steve

    When I go to the calendar settings, I do NOT have Mobile Settings. What am I missing? I only have two options: email and pop-up. The Google Calendar App that is now on my phone will only let me set up a notification. I can’t have set up a text there either (although, I’m sure it was an option in a past version of the Google Calendar!)

    So, I think you better change your tip to keep up with current Google technology.

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