Do you know how to add a hyperlink to a Google Spreadsheet?

NOTE – Video has been updated to reflect updates to Gmail and Google Drive. Please disregard the instructions below. To view a detailed instruction, please visit Adding Google Docs as Gmail Attachments.

This video specifies how to email a Google Doc as an email attachment.

  1. From inside a Google Doc, Spreadsheet, or Presentation, choose “File,” then “Email as attachment…”
  2. You will then have a choice of formats. Choosing HTML will make the document appear in the recipient’s mailbox just as it does in Google Docs. The other options are for converting the Doc to various formats, including a PDF, Rich Text, or Microsoft Office file (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint).
  3. In the “To” box, type one or more email address to which you want to send the attachment.
  4. Type a subject and add a message if desired, and click “Send.”

Alternatively, while working with others on a Doc, you can share a link with your collaborators so they can navigate directly to the file in Google Docs.

  1. Make sure the document is shared with the desired recipients.
  2. Click “File” and “Email collaborators…”
  3. From this window you can select which people with access to the Doc you wish to email by checking the boxes next to their names.
  4. Add a message if desired, and click “Send.” Recipients will get an email with your message and a private link to the Doc in their inboxes.

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    1. Google Gooru

      No, you do not need Google+ for this to work. However, it’s possible that you do not yet have this feature. Google is still rolling out this feature and I think everyone should have it within the next few days.

  1. Jason

    It’s February of 2013 and can’t find any trace of the “+” sign to add files from “My Drive” to a Gmail. Is there a pluggin I need to download or am I missing it altogether?

  2. Mark

    The Drive icon does show and I can select a drive file as attachement. But I never see the pop-up to specify the sharing policy.

    I’ll test it with another Gapps domain. Just to find out if the popup is also missing.



    1. Linda

      Can you give any additional details about how / why you have the Google drive icon and others, including myself, do not? I could really use this feature but not matter what I do I can’t attach from Google drive. Thank you, Linda

  3. Mark

    So I did a test. Still no popup with the sharing options to specify. If I push the send button it will show a popup with:

    “This drive file isn’t shared with the recipient.

    Your recipient may not have access to the file you inserted from Drive. You may need to share the file from within Google Drive.”
    [Send anyway] or [Cancel]

    To bad. It seemed to be so convient.



  4. Dan

    Try clicking compose new mail and you will see a link to the right appear asking to try out the new compose style method/ From there you can you can add a new google drive document by selecting the google drive icon from the new style compose.

    However, what I do find is that the “send without sharing” doesnt work, it still shares but does not “attach” the document like the old fashion way. Anyone else have that problem?

  5. BuggyCode

    Same issue here.

    The first few time the popup appeared, it still shared as a link. The recipients cannot get the files.
    Now when I try it, the popup does not even appear.

    So I guess the send as attachment feature does not work well yet

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