This update works seamlessly into your every-day Gmail usage, but it is an interesting new feature that I figured I’d tell you guys about. Now Gmail actually indexes the contents of your attachments so that when you search for a phrase in Gmail, your attachments will be searched as well. This just makes Gmail search that much more powerful, and is very helpful in those situations where someone sent you an email with only an attachment and a subject line, with no text in the body of the email. I think you’ll enjoy this new feature.


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  1. Bonni

    The search video was not clear – does it automatically search, or do you have to put in other key words, such as Attachment?

    1. Google Gooru


      I apologize if I was not clear about how to search in the video. You do not need to put in key words such as Attachment, however they do narrow down the search. If you simply type in the phrase wrapped in quotation marks, Gmail should find the attachment that you are looking for. Note that this update works only for Google Apps and not for Personal Gmail. I hope this helps.

      -Google Gooru

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