This is a tutorial video on how to create a contact group in Gmail. When you create a contact group, you can simply type the name of the group and your mail will be sent to all of the members in that group. It is a great feature of Gmail that all users should take advantage of.


How to Create Contact Group 

1. Click on the Mail scroll-down menu icon on the top left of your Gmail inbox

2. Click Contacts

3. Put a check in the box next to the names you’d like to add to your contact group

4. Go to the top of the list and click on the group icon

5. Now you can either create a new group or add to existing group

6. Your group will then show up under my contact on the left side of your screen


How to use Contact Group

1. Compose email

2. Instead of typing someone’s email address, type in the name of the group you want to send it to

3. Gmail will automatically generate the email addresses in that group


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    1. Google Gooru

      The Gooru’s audio equipment fund is limited :)

      Is there anything you noticed in particular or just overall quality?


      Google Gooru

  1. demps

    I was wondering if Google has any plans to add additional functionality to Contacts. For instance, Mail merge capabilities, better reporting, etc. Google has done an admirable job with all the other items – spreadsheets, word, etc., but seems like nothing really ever improves with Contacts.



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