If you’re involved in sales, you know how valuable saving time can be. And chances are, if you’re not navigating your inbox efficiently you’re wasting time on a daily basis.

Take a look at three of our favorite Chrome extensions that can help you better manage your Google Apps inbox. While these are perfect for salespeople, they can certainly be used for a number of different industries.

1. Yesware

Top Features

  • Email tracking

  • Email Templates

  • CRM sync

Gooru’s Take

If you’re looking to optimize the open, read and response rates of your outbound mail, Yesware is one of the best tools available. Yesware makes email tracking extremely easy and pretty seamless integration with your Gmail inbox and CRM.

The management side is pretty impressive as well. Once you find an email format that works for you (or your team), Yesware makes it easy to save it as a template and use again and again. You can also view detailed reports on your team, and track the analytics of sends, opens and clicks.


2. Cirrus Insight

Top Features

  • Save emails and attachments to Salesforce

  • Create new leads and contacts inside Gmail

  • Sync Google Calendar with Salesforce

Gooru’s Take

When it comes to Salesforce integration with Gmail, it’s hard for us to find a better option than Cirrus Insight. If you’re a Salesforce and Gmail user, you probably know how much time you can waste switching back and forth between the two. This is a great tool that can drastically cut down on wasted time.

Cirrus Insight allows you to log emails and attachments directly to Salesforce, so everyone on your team can track interactions with leads and customers. An exciting new feature is the ability to sync events from Google Calendar to Salesforce, and vice versa.


If you’re interested in using Cirrus Insight, check out this video introduction from Google Gooru.


3. Boomerang

Top Features

  • Schedule messages to be sent at a later time

  • Reminders for unopened mail

  • Hide incoming mail

Gooru’s Take

We love Boomerang because it’s just so simple to use. It’s not as feature-rich as the two extensions above, but if you’re looking for some simple ways to improve Gmail, this is one of them. If you’re writing an email over the weekend, and you want to ensure its the first thing someone sees on Monday, then Boomerang it for Monday at 9 AM.

Boomerang can also track your sent mail remind you to follow-up at a later date. If you don’t get a response from a sales lead, Boomerang can remind you in a day (week, month, etc.) to reach out to your contact again. Another great tool is hiding an incoming message so your inbox doesn’t get too cluttered, and returning it to your attention when you need it.



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