Top Gmail Labs – Signature Tweaks

Note: This Lab has graduated to a full-fledged feature! To learn more, check out our video about How to Insert your Gmail Signature before Quoted Text.


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  1. this was a great explanation of a gmail feature that I figured existed, and badly wanted, but didn’t know where to find. somehow, I came to this page, and I feel lucky about my fate today! thanks!


    • Great! Noticed you signed up for the newsletter as well which I’m sure you will find very informative and useful. Be sure to let me know if you have any other requests for videos or features that you’re looking for but just can’t find!


  2. This was a very helpful explanation about how to place the signature line appropriately.


    • Thanks Robert! Glad you liked the video.

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      Google Gooru


  3. Hello,

    I can’t see the labs option. I did find somewhere that labs was retired? And somewhere else in the Netherlands we can’t access labs?
    Is that correct or should I look somewhere else?


    • Hi Thies,

      Some individual labs have been retired, and the labs concept has been retired for other Google products (like Maps, I believe), but Gmail Labs does still exist.

      So when you go to Gmail Settings, there is no Labs tab?

      I am not sure about country-specific availability of Gmail Labs though.


  4. I’m using Google Apps Standard. I have the Standard on many domains, and most of them show “Signature Tweaks” in Labs. But one domain doesn’t. Why is this? And can I download or apply “Signature Tweaks” in some other way?


  5. Ah, nevermind. I figured out why “Signature Tweaks” isn’t in the Labs on some of my domains. It’s b/c those domains without it in Labs are updated versions of Google Apps, and the updated versions of Google Apps, have a check box to apply your signature before the quoted text under the signature box in General, Settings.


  6. Hi there,

    I watched the video but can’t find the “Signature tweaks”in Labs. Not sure why!

    Please can you help??


    • Dan,

      It appears this lab has graduated! It can now be found in the General section of your mail settings. Scroll down to Signature, and you should see a checkable box saying:

      ‘Insert this signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “–” line that precedes it.’

      Great news as this was a very nice addition.


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