Tips for Using the Google Tasks Chrome Extension

This is a video guide on how to use the Google Tasks Chrome Extension. This extension can be very useful in managing your Google Tasks. Unlike the normal Google Tasks, the Extension keeps your to-do list permanently in your Chrome Browser. To download this extension in the Chrome Webstore, click on the following link: Google Tasks Chrome Extension

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  1. Any ideas on how to get the tasks to send an email as a reminder? That’s the main issue my users are having with tasks.


    • Dave,

      Unfortunately, Google does not provide the ability to send emails as a reminder. You can, however, have your calendar send you both email and text message reminders. I would love to see this feature added to Google Tasks as well.



    • If you’ve got an Android phone, there’s a great app by the developer Dato called GTasks that has notification options and a pretty clean interface for Google Tasks. I rarely use Google Tasks in the browser, but thanks to this vid, and the T tip, that will probably change.


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