How to Recover Archived Mail

Archiving a message removes the message from your inbox view, but never deletes it, making your inbox clutter-free.

To recover archive messages:
1. Sign into Gmail.
2. Click the “More” drop down menu on the left side of your Gmail page.
3. Then click “All Mail”. All your messages, including anything you have archived is located here .

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  1. Thank you kindly for your help.

    This made it possible for me just now to recover an important e-mail I archived accidentally.


    • James,

      Thanks for checking out the site and glad to hear we could help!

      The Google Gooru


  2. I archived all my old mail to 31 Dec 11, but it is not in all mail. I would really like to recover it – can you help please?


  3. Hi Kate – Have you tried searching for any of that mail? I’m thinking if it shows up in search but not in the archive list then maybe there’s some glitch with the Gmail interface for your account. I think it is very rare that archived mail gets lost or deleted.

    Let me know if you have any luck. If you want to send me some screenshots so I can see what you’re talking about a little better, feel free to send send over to gooru at gooruvideos dot com.


    • I tried to recover the archived mail by following your instruction. I cannot find ‘ALL MAIL”.

      I made the scrn shot but how to send to you?


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  5. Not able to find any archived mail from before 17 july 2013 Please help as I am trying to find an email that was in an email


  6. do have any advice on how to recover very old sprintmail emails from the 1990s? I’m looking to recover communications from relatives who have passed away.

    any ideas appreciated.


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  8. This does not work for me. I checked an email in the inbox and while hovering over the archive icon, must have touched the very sensitive touch pad because there was a message saying the email was archived. However it does NOT show up in “all mail” nor does it show up in the trash. This was 10 minutes ago, on an email sent yesterday not some really old archived thing.


  9. i accidentally deleted all my archived mail…
    can you teach me how to recover my archived mails?
    thank you.


  10. Thanks a lot . By mistake I moved an important mail to archive and was unable to find it.But when I opened All Mail, it was there only :)


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