How to Enable Offline Editing in Google Docs

Editing Google Docs offline is one question we hear all the time at Google Gooru. With Google Drive, users can make changes to their Docs through their Chrome browser, even if they don’t have an internet connection! Watch this video to learn how.

1.)  Click on the Drive link at the top of your Mail screen

2.) Click on more from the tool-bar on the left-hand side of your screen, and select Offline Docs

3.) Follow the instructions requesting you to Enable Offline Editing and to install the Drive Web Application

4.) Whenever you would like to access your documents from off-line, use the Drive Web Application, or

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  1. Wondering if offline editing of google spreadsheets is something that will be coming in the future?


    • Jim,

      I don’t know for certain, but you would have to think that would be coming at some point. Hopefully it’s not too far down the road!


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