Google announces Inbox, a brand new way to do email

Google announces Inbox, a brand new way to do email

Today, Sundar Pichai (SVP of Android, Chrome & Apps) announced a huge development for email as we know it on the Official Gmail Blog. The product is called Inbox, and (…) Read more

Securing your iPhone 6 will be easier than ever with iOS Sync for Google Apps

Shortly after Apple announced the brand new iPhone 6 and 6+, the Google for Work team introduced a brand new tool for iOS device management in Google Apps. iOS Sync (…) Read more

Free voice calls from Hangouts through Android, iOS and the web

Google Hangouts has received tons of updates ever since its introduction, but it has always seemed somewhat fragmented from the classic Google Voice application. In what seems like an effort (…) Read more

7 Google Apps Updates You Might Have Missed During August

Although summer is typically a fairly slow time for Google Apps updates, we still noticed a lot of changes across the board during August. Whether it was a major product (…) Read more

Easy Gmail Encryption with Virtru for Business

Easy Gmail Encryption with Virtru for Business

Try it FREE for your domain here —–> Virtru for Business While email security and encryption has always been vital, it has been expensive, difficult to use and poorly integrated (…) Read more

Turn your favorite photos and videos into Google+ Stories and Movies

In the past year or so, Google+ has encouraged us to upload our photos for storage and sharing by doing some amazing things with them. The Auto-awesome feature has made (…) Read more

Update to Gmail makes it even easier to share your photos

For the vast majority of us, our phone has become the one device we use to take photos. Since we always have our phones with us, we’re taking more photos (…) Read more

How to get to the Cloud in 5 Easy Steps

Yesterday, Google Executive Chairman +Eric Schmidt posted some great tips on the¬†Official Google Enterprise Blog for getting your organization to the cloud. If you’ve already moved your organization to Google (…) Read more

Print directly from your iOS Device with Google Cloud Print

Print directly from your iOS Device with Google Cloud Print

Printing from your iOS device is actually much easier than it seems, provided you’ve enabled Google Cloud Print. There are a number of applications available to make printing simple, but (…) Read more

Chromecast App for iOS

Google Chromecast for iOS

It just got even easier to enjoy online video and anything from the web on your TV. Chromecast now has even more functionality for your iPhone and iPads with the (…) Read more