Add custom features to Google Forms with Add-ons


With Add-ons available for Google Docs and Sheets, it was only a matter of time before these custom tools made their way to other parts of the Google Drive suite. (…) Read more

Google announces Inbox, a brand new way to do email

Google announces Inbox, a brand new way to do email

Today, Sundar Pichai (SVP of Android, Chrome & Apps) announced a huge development for email as we know it on the Official Gmail Blog. The product is called Inbox, and (…) Read more

Manage Revisions in the New Google Drive

Manage Revisions in the New Google Drive

If you’re using Google Drive to store and edit Microsoft (or any other non-Google) files, it can get confusing if you’re uploading different versions of the same file. By managing (…) Read more

3 Ways To Get Support For Google Apps

3 Ways To Get Support For Google Apps

Google has made a concerted effort to constantly improve support options for Google Apps, and that continues this week with the introduction of chat support. While this is only available (…) Read more

Spell Check in Google Sheets

Spell Check in Google Sheets

When the new version of Google Sheets was introduced, many of us noticed that several features from the old version were not available. Several of those features were slowly introduced, (…) Read more

Adjust Color and Add Filters to Images in Google Slides


Google gave you the ability to crop and add borders to images in Slides a few months ago, and now they’re bringing even more customizability. The new ‘Image options’ button (…) Read more

12 Google Apps Updates You Might Have Missed During September


September was one of the busiest months in recent memory in terms of Google Apps updates, with one of our favorite tools (Forms) receiving a huge overhaul. Plenty of other (…) Read more

Restore Deleted Gmail Messages in Google Apps


If a user accidentally deletes a message in Gmail, you finally have the ability to restore it with a recent update to the Admin Console. This mirrors the update from (…) Read more

Manage User Access to the Google Apps Marketplace


Administrators have long had access to the Google Apps Marketplace, but now end users can install some amazing third party tools on their own. While these tools can bring vital (…) Read more

5 More Updates to Customize Your Google Forms


When Google announced a redesigned version of Forms a few weeks ago, we hoped there were even more changes on the horizon. It looks like we got our wish with (…) Read more