Create An Alias That Automatically Distributes Documents

Create An Alias That Automatically Distributes Documents

Do you find yourself sending the same documents everyday to people who forgot where to find them? With this simple trick, collaborators can actually access a file by sending an (…) Read more

Use These 6 Tips to Become a Google Calendar Gooru

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4 Tips For Making Professional Looking Google Docs

Google Docs has evolved from a simple collaborative text editor to a full-fledged word processing system. In fact, Google Docs’ collaboration, formatting and security capabilities now rival that of Microsoft (…) Read more

gCON 2015 Admin Roundtable

  Roundtable Participants Kevin Mourey System Engineer at Clear Choice Andy Serwatuk Applications Administrator of Google Apps at Cadillac Fairview David Malone Google Apps for Education Deployment Architect in the San Francisco Unified (…) Read more

Create first page headers on Google Docs

Create first page headers on Google Docs

Complying with MLA formatting guidelines using Google Docs just got a whole lot easier. Google just made a quiet update that allows for you to insert a header that only displays (…) Read more

Ensure Google Drive Compliance In Google Apps

Ensure Users are not sharing credit cards and SSNs on Drive

Try BetterCloud for Google Apps Free for 30 Days —–> Secure Your Google Drive! It is very common for a business to have secure information such as company credit card (…) Read more

2015 Gooru Oscar Nominations

These are The Gooru’s top 10 videos of 2015 thus far. Vote on your favorite to win the 2015 Gooru Oscar for Best Picture. 1. Quick Sum in Google Spreadsheets (…) Read more

Add Page Numbers To A Google Doc

Google has a built in and simple way to record page numbers for multipage documents. Navigate to “Insert” and then select “Page Number” and choose whether you would like the numbers (…) Read more

Automated Business Reports with Google Apps

Bill French pic 1 - New Page

Until recently I, like the vast majority of Google Apps users, believe that Google’s word processing application is a mediocre reflection of Microsoft Word. And honestly, it is. But as (…) Read more

7 Changes To The Admin Console You Should Know About


Google just announced an update to the Admin Console that will roll out to Google Apps domains over the next week or two. Most of these changes are surface level (…) Read more