Add attachments to Google Calendar events

In Google Calendars, there isn’t a native option to add attachments to your events. You could always include the ‘Share’ link in the event description, but that can look sloppy and unprofessional.

We recommend adding the Event Attachments Lab for Google Calendars. This is one of our favorite labs, mostly because its so simple (maybe it’s time to make this a supported feature, Google?).

Adding this lab to your Google account allows you to add attachments shared with you, from your Google Drive and from your computer.

To add the Event Attachments Lab:

1.) Click on the Settings gear inside of Google Calendars and select Labs

2.) Scroll down to Event Attachments and select Enable

3.) Save your changes

4.) Next time you create an event, you should see a link to add an attachment

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    • It’s definitely still available, as long as you have access to Calendar Labs you should see it.

      If you don’t have access to Calendar Labs, talk to your Google Apps Administrator. Also, make sure you’re in the Calendar Labs section, not the Gmail Labs section.


  1. How can I add an attachment to Calendar that is not saved on Google Drive? I have a document that is on my C-Drive and do not want to save to Google Drive.


    • Ray,

      You should see an option to Upload a file, which is where you’ll be able to drag-and-drop files from your computer or select them from a folder.


  2. Do the folks invited to the meeting need to have the lab enabled to see the attachment?


  3. Thanks, I had issues finding the event attachment at first but realized I was in the gmail settings section. Once in the calendar, settings, labs, event attachment was available.


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